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April 22, 2009

Sweet Pea

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Yes, i have another pet chick, my first three were Lilac(dead already), Bubbles and Joe and then i decided to raise a new chick named Sweet Pea, about the color, long story. So here are her pictures:

Sweet PeaSweet Pea 2Isn’t she cute?

She does not live in the box anymore, i just got her a cage and i placed a desk lamp, teddy bears and rugs to keep her warm at night. Right now, she’s really bouncy and i hope she will stay healthy and happy.

I’ll post more pictures of her next time and i’ll make sure it will be clearer and better this time.


April 18, 2009

Kids’ movie gone wrong

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I know once you hear the words “Kids’ Movie” you would make your kid watch it, but this one will make you not let your kid watch it. Here’s a video of the horror scene from Return to Oz(click the link below):


Here is the link where i found some screenshots of the video:


Review- fairly, Return to Oz is a nice movie for your kids but the horror scene(where you can see live heads in glass cases) is kinda harsh for a kid, even for someone who’s not a fan of horror films. It really scared me  a lot at first, i mean that wasn’t even on Philippine horror films, that was unusual horror.

Suggestion – Don’t let your kid ever watch this film unless he/she is not scared of supernatural creatures/horror stuff, but if you don’t want your kid to have reccuring nightmares, then don’t let your kid watch this film. I am even vowing on never watching the film again even if i am a horror movie fan, but the horror in Return to Oz is too much.

Rating – 3.5 stars(if the horror parts were not included, it could have been a 4.5 or even 5)

If you are not a horror movie fan or find the movie hardcore horror, don’t ever watch it. If you are a parent of a child, don’t let your child watch it, i know even you are scared.

April 14, 2009

twisted love story

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Everything that i mentioned here are not fictional, the whole story you are about to see happened for real.

So it started like this, so in class, our teacher was discussing something in english and one of the sentences she mentioned  said “dominant wife”, and then she described that she was dominant to her husband and usually they go over a debate in the dining table because of so many things to be discussed. Now, the topic shifted to her love story…uyyyy…this is the kilig moment!!!

Now, my teacher told us the story.

When she graduated from high school, she returned to magallanes(her hometown was Iligan and she also attended school in there but because her family left her dahil sayang yung scholarship niya sa isang catholic school dun, iniwan siya sa mga madre at nakatira siya sa convent, and the nuns’ graduation gift to her was that she can return to her family, which was her request) and then her father met a business man one day(they met in the pamboat terminal in magallanes) and that business man became the friend of her father, and then one day, my teacher told her father na mag-college siya sa manila, of course nandun tumulong yung friend ng father niya(who she calls uncle) and then the friend of her father paid for her education and the father decided na i-arrange yung marrige ng teacher ko and her uncle(yung friend ng father niya) and then on that time, during the marrige seminars yung nagpakita ay yung uncle niya and my teacher’s mother para hindi obvious na dalaga yung pakaslan. After they were married, her uncle(now her husband) set a condition in exchange for her schooling to be paid by him-she should be pregnant. And then my teacher counted months and months until she realized she’s pregnant so of course, her husband paid her education. When she gave birth to the first son in the hospital, her high school friends came to visit her in the hospital, then one of her friends asked-“Who is that man?” and then my teacher answered “he’s my uncle” and after the friends left the hospital, what happened was that the husband (who she called uncle) got angry and said ” Why did you tell them i’m your uncle when you’re supposed to tell them that i’m already your husband?” and then after that, he pulled my teacher’s privilige na bayaran yung education niya until one day, my teacher secretly took a Scholarship test in Urios and passed. Then after that, she told her husband “Whether you like it or not, i’m going to college because i took the scholarship test and i passed!” and the husband was left nothing to do but accept the fact that his wife just dominated him. And from then on, they kept on debating on certain things and so on.

I regreted of posting this but i feel like i want to, i just didn’t mention the names of the people in the story, although i mentioned the school where my teacher took her scholarship test in because she mentioned it anyway, while for the college where she attended in manila, all that i know is that she took law for summer in there and never purused after what happened in the hospital and she decided to become a teacher, instead.

What do you think about this? Kilig or not? Touching or not?

April 11, 2009


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These are my drawings

The first one(below) is not really my original drawing, i just combined some premade drawings from AskKids.com and used Print Screen to take a screenshot of the site and cropped it, that’s all.

Girl Sketch

The second drawing (below) is a photo edit of Hello Kitty, i just used her head and changed her body.

New Hello Kitty

Note: The drawing above is only a fan art, not an official illustration of hello kitty. No copyright infringement intended.

April 8, 2009

Laughing out Loud

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A joke i recently made. Inspired by the jokes in my tita’s blog which actually happened in real life.


A child went to the farm with his parents and while they were on their way to the farm, the child pointed out something and yelled “Look Pa! Its an elephant” it turns out to be a carabao.


That’s All!

April 5, 2009

Just Moved

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I was recently using blogger when it came to my mind, i have to move to wordpress because for some reason i hated blogger. This is much better now, i can add pages and make my graphics site(soon) and blog one. Now, i no longer have to waste time on everything.

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